Polished Concrete Cost

Polished Concrete Cost

Four Levels of concrete polishing

Level 1 Flat/Ground Ground below 100 grit resin

Hazy with very little if any clarity or reflection

Level 2 Satin/Honed Finish

Low-luster matte finish, low sheen finish stopping at 200-400 grit resin bond

Level 3 Semi-polished

Floor will clearly reflect side of overhead lighting. Going up to a 800 grit resin bond, double the shine of level 2 with gloss finish.

Level 4 Highly Polished

High gloss shine with total clarity and see your reflection. 3,000 grit resin bond diamond polishing with high speed burnishing.

(The process of concrete polishing is very technical in nature and requires real craftsmanship) Maximum clarity or reflection of the surface is achieved by strictly following the procedures, which we execute during the grit sequence.

Prep Remove floor coating( epoxy, paint, tile)

Metal Cuts Grind floor to even and smooth surface

Densification  Increase concretes strength, abrasion resistance, and stops dusting.

Polishing cuts Hybrid, resin bonds to bring floor to desired gloss

Penetrating dyes  transform your slab to various colors

Aggregate Exposure

Step 1 Light Sand / Cream Finish

Modern architectural look, creamy looking floor with very fine sand particles.

Step 2 Salt & Pepper Finish

1/16 inch of surface cutting depth, showing a spattering of fine aggregate in the concrete floor. Apperrance of an aged surface

Step 3 Medium Aggregate Finish

1/8 inch of surface cutting depth, showing the greatest amount of medium aggregate exposure in random locations.

Step 4 Large Aggregate Finish

1/4 inch or more of surface cutting depth. Exposing the greatest amount of large aggregate in the concrete floor.

Important Notes:

There is always will be unpredictable variations that can only be uncovered by grinding and polishing the slab. All concrete is different, depending on highs and lows in concrete, how level slab is, type of aggregate and if, or how heavily the slab was power troweled. 


Intergral- Performed at the time of pour mixed into the concrete

Intergral overlay- Applied to the top of the concrete during the power trowel phase

Penetrating water based dyes- performed during the early phases of polishing process and is considered environmentally friendly.

Penetrating Solvent Based Dyes- Performed during the polishing process at any stage of resin grinding. Not considered environmentally friendly.

Penetrating Acid Stain- Performed during the polishing process, which colors has more variances and is unpredictable.

Color penetrating surface sealers- which are filmforming and thus produce a more solid color.

All staining and dyes have vary many variables depending on the concrete color, sand color, humidity, moisture content, and type of application process. Concrete is a natural substrate and all colors will almost always have marbleized look, unless using a an surface stain sealer.

Chapter 4

Main Reason everyone is on this page

How much does polished concrete cost?

Concrete polishing cost varies, widely on 5 different factors:

  1. Concrete condition
  2. Job size and location
  3. Aggregate exposure
  4. Gloss level
  5. Concrete coloring and sealers

Large projects with smooth floors that require only a few levels of grinding start at $3 sq. ft. basic cost over 5,000 sq. ft. 50k sq. ft. max

Medium projects with smooth floors with a few levels of grinding start at $5 sq. ft. 1,000-5,000 sq. ft.

Smaller projects with intense metal grinding with a few levels of grinding under 1,000 sq. ft. start at $7 sq. ft.

Cost Chart for Polished concrete per sq. ft.

Step 1 level 1 $3

Step 1 Level 2 $4

Step 1 Level 3 $5

Step 1 Level 4 $6

Step 2 Level 1 $4

Step 2 Level 2 $5

Step 2 Level 3 $6

Step 2 Level 4 $7

Step 3 Level 1 $5

Step 3 Level 2 $6

Step 3 Level 3 $7

Step 3 Level 4 $8

Step 4 Level 1 $7

Step 4 Level 2 $8

Step 4 Level 3 $9

Step 4 Level 4 $10

Concrete Overlay cost add $5-8 per sq. ft.

Glue Removal cost $1-2 sq. ft.

Parquet or hardwood removal $2-3 sq. ft.

Grouting cost $.50-1.50 sq. ft.

Staining cost $1-2 sq. ft.

Joint filler $5-8 per linear Foot

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