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Concrete polishing is becoming the floor of choice among retail outlets to commercial warehouses with the choice of a highly polished reflective floor to a semi polished matte finish. Color and designs can be added to really showcase your polished concrete floor. With the low maintenance and ease of cleaning concrete polishing has become popular in most big box stores as well. Concrete diamond-polishing technology has changed and EnVision PoLished CoNcrete  has followed and researched the best possible tools, machines and methods to deliver you the floor of the future.

For almost a decade, EnVision PoLished CoNcrete has provided complete care and service for all polished concrete and natural Stone surfaces to Businesses and warehouses throughout southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all of southern Florida. Using only true and proven methods, as well as the most cutting edge and advanced commercial tools available. Here is the Process for polishing concrete: The concrete is sanded with several steps of diamond grits, usually, 3-9 steps depending on the gloss level desired. Densifiers, sealers, and sometimes stains will be applied during the polishing process.

Remodel without removal...

One of the many process of refinishing concrete is a overlay.  Our overlay process has the ability to be applied over many types of surfaces such as Hardwood, plywood, tile, vinyl flooring, and existing concrete floors. This process does not involve any demo work  therefore saving the end user both the time, money, and hassle of removing the existing flooring. One aspect/advantage to this process is there is no issue with added weight, allowing this product to be applied on upper stories of buildings with out structural concerns. Additionally because the added thickness from the material is so minimal there is no issues with transitions between rooms and other flooring types.

Depending on the condition of the existing floor there can be up to 10 different steps involved in the process of applying a overlay.

We believe that every concrete slab, new or old is like a diamond in the rough just waiting to get polished. Contact EnVision PoLished CoNcrete today for a free quote today!