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Polished Concrete Overlays

Micro Toppings Concrete overlays We have the ability to lay what we regard as overlays or toppings. These are use when the existing concrete is not suitable to polish or when our clients wish to have a “more consistent finish” this can either be the consistency in the aggregate exposure or the color and most […]


Types Of Concrete Polishing For Your Industry

POLISHING BASICS As is commonly known, the basic ingredients of concrete are the combination of water, Portland cement, fine and or coarse aggregates. During the pouring process of concrete, as the aggregates sink and settle, a thin layer of cement paste pushes up to the surface. Within a few hours this top layer is troweled […]


Polished Concrete Cost

Polished Concrete Cost Four Levels of concrete polishing Level 1 Flat/Ground Ground below 100 grit resin Hazy with very little if any clarity or reflection Level 2 Satin/Honed Finish Low-luster matte finish, low sheen finish stopping at 200-400 grit resin bond Level 3 Semi-polished Floor will clearly reflect side of overhead lighting. Going up to […]


Polished Concrete Finishes

You might have an existing concrete floor which you have found under tiles or other types of flooring. This can be ground and polished to an acceptable level. Or maybe you have had a newly laid concrete floor laid specifically to be polished to your specification. We can help you achieve the results you require, […]


Polished Concrete!

Why Choose Polished Concrete? On the surface, it might seem like the benefits of polished concrete flooring are nothing but visual but there is a whole world of benefits that the polished floors present to a homeowner. There are numerous benefits that come to mind once the polished concrete floors are thought about and some […]