Polished Concrete Maintenance

Polished Concrete Maintenance and Restoration

A final step, but most important in the polishing process is maintain the concrete floor.

Eliminating the need for, and periodic replacement of applied floor coatings, is the essence of how polished concrete flooring maintenance is so import.  Polished concrete floor are easily cleanable floors with no harsh chemicals, imposing a low life-cycle impacts on the environment.

The 5 P’s “Proper Planing Prevents Poor Performance”, is key to longevity in polished concrete flooring. Polished concrete flooring is low-maintenance, not ” no maintenance”, which means planing proper maintenance will prevent poor performance on the longest lasting floor in today’s industry.

Basic cleaning to remove soils and spills from the floor, doing so in a manner that doesn’t cause damage to the calcium silicate in the floor.  Mopping or auto-scrubbing the floor on a regular basis will help to preserve the polished concrete and keep it looking pristine.  Less cleaner or detergents will also help keep the floor cleaner and lasting longer, ask EnVision PoLished CoNcrete which products work best and how often to use them.  Once the concrete starts to lose its shine or doesn’t repel water and stains effectively, then its time to burnish and seal again, properly done will last 5-10 years based on the amount of floor traffic with our proven system.

Biggest issue is most people don’t know what is safe to use on polished concrete, typically they assume standard cleaners, when only the succeed in etching the concrete.  Cleaners should be pH-neutral and safe for the floor, with no caustic or acidic components.  Determining the maintenance on your polished concrete floor, is done simply by the amount of floor traffic. 

EnVision PoLished CoNcrete has various maintenance packages to suit your needs and keep your floors looking great for years to come.  If your polished concrete floor was done by us using the highest quality sealers maintenance will be less and less over the years.  We have plenty of different equipment and solutions for your maintenance needs or problems, by coming to your site every week, month, year, or years. 

 We offer the following maintenance packages and systems:

  1. Sealing and burnishing existing polished concrete
  2. Burnishing existing concrete
  3. Rejuvenating, stain removal of existing polished concrete
  4. 5 year low maintenance package
  5. 10 year low maintenance package

Please email us or call us today with your square footage and maintenance you need.